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Transmission and Distribution

Delivering reliable, secure and efficient T&D networks

Our expertise in transmission and distribution networks is world-class. We work together with clients to meet emerging technologies' challenges and measure the impact disruptors have on evolving power grids.

We provide organisational structures and staffing solutions, plus technical and safety audits for aging plants' unique needs, and we leave behind an understanding of systems that will last.


  • Feasibility Studies
    Our feasibility investigations include cost comparisons and evaluation of the condition of existing overhead lines and substations.
  • Power System Studies
    System studies include load forecasting models and the use of modern software for steady-state and transient stability studies.

Owners Engineer

  • Transmission Projects 
    New and refurbishment transmission projects including Overhead Lines, Substations and Cables.
  • Project Management
    We manage programming and progress monitoring, supervision of construction, quality control inspections, and safety performance monitoring.
  • Protection, Automation and SCADA 
    We empower clients with our specialised knowledge of smart meter technology, telecommunication infrastructure and back-office software.
  • Design and Specification
    We develop, review and complete specifications and designs to all international standards.



Transmission & Distribution services

  • Asset Management Services
    We provide a comprehensive range of engineering and management services for maintenance and commissioning of Transmission & Distribution Networks.
  • Environmental and Social Impact 
    We provide advice and support on proposed projects to evaluate alternatives, develop mitigation plans and make recommendations for management.
  • Health & Safety 
    As a core value, we pride ourselves in design standards, audits, reporting, site supervision, testing and commissioning.

Our Solutions

As a Leading Global Engineering Consultancy, we offer a full range of solutions empowering our clients to deliver energy for generations to come.

What we do

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for both public and private clients, right through the life cycle of their projects and the energy value chain.

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